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About Law

Greetings, I've been shooting Photography for about 10 years and I love all facets of both the profession and the hobby. From newborns, pregnancies, family portraits and events. I especially enjoy shooting and being a part of weddings. I can never get over the overwhelming look of enjoyment that all couples have as they view their photos through my eyes.


Many people always ask me my favorite question....What made you want to become a photographer? Well as a child, I was always captivated by watching National Geographic and Discovery channel with my grandfather. Then they started giving me magazines and that was my kindle. After meeting my wife she bought me my first camera and the rest is history.


Moving forward I am a retired Air Force Veteran, a proud father of two, a loving husband and a God fearing man. I love to have fun and meet new people. Finally I looking forward to working with you as potential client.



"Instilling moments
         into memories"


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Moseley, VA  23120

Tel: 850.867.9668 



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